Acclaimed artist Zoe Leonard once made the observation that when any sort of change is made, something is lost, and simultaneously something else is gained.  In the switch between digital and analog photography it seems that where one process resolves a flaw of the other, a new flaw presents itself.     Use the medium to the best of it’s function;   If I had to sum up digital photography’s functionality in one phrase it would be:   “because you can”  This phrase is the code for a database filled with a seemingly limitless amount of decisions to be made.   There is an inherent difficulty in decisiveness, because there is no way of knowing what the consequences or rewards will be, the only knowledge we can really be sure of is that there will be.  We make ourselves vulnerable by disclosing the decisions we have made.  Through selection we protect ourselves from that vulnerability by censoring many of these decisions. This allows for what we have ultimately chosen to appear thorough, mindful, and purposeful, when in reality it was a collection of pandemonium.  I am hesitant to say much more because the more I say, the larger the pool of consequences and rewards becomes. 
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